Thursday, February 22, 2007

Flylady Supplies

I recently joined, as a way of helping me gain control of my life and household.

Well there are so many things from their Flylady Shop that I want! I am tempted to spend a lot of money on the stuff but even the Flylady herself I think, would caution me to get my spending under control first before I buy a lot of new self-help tools!

Here is what I want though, for the record:

- the Office in a Bag- with compartments for everything!
- Car Duster - actually what I really want is a cordless mini-vac for my car.
- FlyLady calendar - this was the first thing I wanted because I love calendars and marking things on them, for some reason. Of course it would not be complete without the calendar stickers that go with it.

So maybe if there is anyone secretly reading this, who knows me in real life, they will know what to get for my birthday this year! Hah, knowing me I will probably already buy all this stuff by then (July).


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