Monday, January 29, 2007

Cool Products Expo

Well I wish I had been able to make it to this Cool Products Expo last year in 2006. What a great idea! You know there are so many neat things out there that we never hear about because perhaps the manufacturers don't have enough money to get it into the spotlight. Its really not fair and probably doesn't serve us any good because, usually it is the small manufacturers and inventors who really care about the customer they have in mind. You know the big companies are out for profit and the bottom line at all costs.

One of the products featured is the Airboard. This looks like
a really fun gadget for going down hills and snowboarding and
such. You can do so many fun tricks with this thing! Their
website is a bit of a pain to navigate as it doesn't allow you to
feature the product in a normal way. But anyway, judging from
their video about the Airboard, this is something I would really want to try out on my next trip to the slopes! Looks like I would need to go up to Connecticut in order to purchase or rent an Airboard near me. It would be worth the trip though, Connecticut isn't too far and I would love to try out a new way of getting down the slopes!


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Gold Cell Phone

Last year I stumbled across this beautiful cell phone. The colors and style were so unique and its a slider phone rather than a flip or clam shaped phone. I tried so hard to get it because at the time I was looking for a new cell phone. Unfortunately Verizon makes it so that you can't use this phone in the United States (I am pretty sure it is only available in Europe). Not sur eif you know this but the American cell phone companies make it virtually impossible to get the same cell phone features other people in the world get. So anyway because the phone is not configured to run on Verizon's ffrequencies, I would never be able to use it. If Verizon accepted unlocked phones it might be a lot easier. When I was doing research on it last year. I found really one of the only possible ways to get ahold of this phone in the United States was if you have service with T-Mobile. T-Mobile seems to be a lot more lenient with whether you can use unlocked 'world' phones on their networks. Hmm, my contract with Verizon IS expiring at the end of the month....perhaps this is my chance to switch and finally get my hands on this beauty?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A New Car?

Well I currently have a car that was passed down to me from my mother when she bought a new car. You would not even believe how many miles it has on it. Last time I looked there was close to 300,000 miles on it. Thats three-hundred-thousand. Toyota should sponsor this blog because I tell everyone who asks they should get a Toyota for their next car cause they really do last forever! My car has the same exact engine and most of its other parts from the day my mom drove it off the lot!

Be that as it may, unfortunately soon it will die. It really is just a matter of time. I don't really know what I will do when it goes, as I don't have a savings plan to buy a new one nor do I make enough money monthly to afford a lease or anything. I will be screwed.

If I could have any car, though, I wouldn't buy anything too fancy although my dream car is a silver Mercedes convertible or a red BMW.

No, what I really want is a hybrid. When I get a new car again one day I will probably get a Corolla instead of the Camry I have now. The Camry has been a little too big for me and too adult-looking. I think the Corolla looks zippier. Can you imagine how much gas I would save? Also I really want seat warmers for those freezing cold mornings. That is one optional feature I used in my old cars. I think the next car I get will have roll-up windows for a retro-look. Also I will probably want the exterior to be white even though I always thought I hated that color on a car! What do you think of that?

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Vacation to an Island

If I had some extra money right now I would definetly take some time off and go on vacation. I am thinking a tropical island right about now, what with the wintery weather we are having here on the East Coast (of America). If I could I would hop on a plane to Atlantis in Paradise Island in the Bahamas or even cheaper, some beach in Florida. I do not even have an extra $100 to spare right now so this will have to be put on hold. But oh, I wish I was snorkeling and just laying on the sand in the sun. I had some amazing time at the Atlantis. I remember sitting at the cafe eating conch sandwiches. Going to the Dolphin Encounter and this beautiful calm ocean area near there. Sigh. I could cry thinking about how beautiful it was.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Airline Preference

I was wondering if my readers have a preference as to what airline they use? I certainly think about a number of factors when I am choosing an airline. I consider their flight record (you can check airline incident reports here). It is really important to me that they have a good record. this may be an illusion and not fully supported by facts, but I kind of assume that if an airline hasn't had many accidents they have a good record of checking planes thoroughly. Also I figure the newer airlines have to try extra hard to win the confidence of consumers so they are not going to cut corners when it comes to safety. Now this is all conjecture on my part, mind you.

My favorite right now is JetBlue. I like how they tend to use new planes . Would you want to fly in a plane that has been around, so to speak? Not me!

I also will use Continental Airlines too. They have a major hub near me so they are somewhat cheaper than other airlines.