Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bridget Marquardt

You probably do not know who that is right? Well, a lot of times while I am trying to fall asleep at night I will leave on "The Girls Next Door' cause it is fairly innocuous and I won't have to be startled awake by gunshots or an autopsy on CSI or something (which has happened before and isn't that pleasant!). So anyway, I have started to decide that I would really like to be more like one of the girls on the show, Bridget. She is always so sweet and innocent seeming. Okay, okay, so she poses nude and that is very immoral to some, so maybe 'innocent' was the wrong choice of words. But she seems so genuinely happy and sincere all the time (whatever the opposite of cynical would be). Plus, apparently she is currently working on her second Masters degree! I guess there is no judging a book by their cover, and I admit I am guilty of thinking these girls probably do not have advanced degrees. So she is smart and seems genuinely, nice. Okay if not a little ditzy, but she apparently is smart and what I wish I had more of was her personality. She always seems nice and unassuming.


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